Monday, November 1, 2010

Turning Chinese.

"Hello again." I say to no-one in particular. "Did you miss me?"


Yep, I'm back. And this time I will be documenting the 5 or so months I am about to spend on China's greatest asset - Hong Kong. But let's start the journey in transit...

I'm sitting in what appears to be an extremely generic American-style sports bar in the furthest corner of Kuala Lumpur airport. It's all rather dull and depressing waiting for a connecting flight and so far all I have to while away the time is to unsuccessfully justify the merits of professional table tennis (and more importantly why I'm still watching it) and to devour what is apparently meant to be 'chicken 'nuggets' but comes across as more of 'deep fried recycled newspaper.' Delicious.

Anyway, as I was saying, I am currently 4 hours into a 6 hour transit from Melbourne to Hong Kong. I'm heading there to work for HK Magazine as an editorial intern, and I'm slightly (read: extremely) excited about the prospect of writing professionally for the first time in, well, ever.

As always this page will be my creative outlet; giving me a place to reflect on the observations, adventures and experiences that happen to me while living in such an incredible city. I hope what I do share inspires others to do exactly the same. Jóutáu.


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