Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lost for Blog.

Today I sat down to write my second blog post ever. How exciting! I must have so much to write about, I've been absent for nearly two weeks! I mean, there must be pages of interesting stuff that has happened to me since then right? Wrong. I couldn't think of one single thing. I was stumped, stupid and metaphorically scuppered. Yet apparently I'm not alone.

A quick Google search somewhere along the line of 'Can't fucking think of anything to write on my blog,' revealed that there are thousands of other people like myself, all suffering from the very same frustrating circumstance of what has been coined quite obviously as 'blogger's block.'

'Alas!' I cried, I am doomed, like the apparent thousands of others in this blogosphere, to the torturous realm of being unable to recite rhetoric. Lost for words and all that sort of thing.

But then, out of the blue came my saving grace, or so I thought.

'Plinky,' as it is called, is an internet service which '...makes it easy for you to write inspired content on the web,' according to its informative website definition. Apparently, it asks you a new question everyday to which you give an answer and then post on your blog. 'Hurrah! I am cured!' I yell triumphantly, jumping out of my chair and dancing around the room.

And yet, once I had settled myself back down, registered my name and created a 'Plinky' profile, my elation seemed to quickly subside. The first question asked of me by Plinky was: 'What are you afraid of?' Underneath was listed a few examples you could choose from (public speaking, drowning, kids, nuclear war etc.) or you could write your own (Ellen DeGeneres and Pee-Wee Herman immediately sprang to mind.) O.K, seems easy enough. Well now Plinky asked me 'Have you always had this fear? How severe is it?'

Well, excuse me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this seem a little childish? I mean, I started this blog to inform people, to exercise my writing skills and to share experiences, not to tell them that I'm afraid of extroverted lesbians and bizarre children's television stars.

Feeling slightly let down, I tried a few more questions 'Who would win between a gorilla and a pack of hyenas?' or 'Describe (or show) what you wear when you're trying to impress.' No thanks, I'd rather not show people a photo of me in the nud.

'Well what a let down that was,' I grumbled. Sure, I'm well aware that Plinky could be great in helping other people out of a similar situation of 'blogger's block', but for me it just wasn't the saviour I was looking for. Boo.

Well I'll try and think of something to write, and If I do I'll be sure to put it right here, with a lovely little picture above it. Informative and interesting it will be. Something will surely come to mind, and I'll be out of this 'Blogger's Block' soon enough eh?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OF things to come....

And so, as yet another seed is planted in these endless fields of Blog, the Alder Tree sprouts its first roots, and a journey begins. It will be an expedition not only for the readers, but for myself as well.

As a long time reader and a first time blogger, Ogham’s Alder Tree will be a source of everything I find appealing: from words to ideas, photos to videos and music to art. Its branches will not only yield the fruits of my experiences, but the knowledge that I gain along the way.

So why read OAT? I hear you cry. Well, read on my friends.

As the Tree grows and the branches reach out for something new, I hope to take readers through festivals, across bridges and around the globe. Everything from words, phrases, numbers, symbols, sights and sounds will be documented and used for the benefit of others. Let us share the information we gather, because after all, you reap what you sow.